Saint Émilion château


Happy New Year 2021!

L.O Wine wishes you a wonderful year 2021!

Here's a little recap of a year we won't soon forget!
2020 has been a year full of surprises and has taught us to live from day to day. Indeed, this year has also allowed L.O Wine to explore new paths.

A look back at L.O Wine's 2020... #TBT

  • Distance has brought us closer

This year was the year of renewal! L.O Wine has never stopped trying to satisfy you and to meet your expectations of the moment.

New this summer: Wine and Surf

For this occasion we have teamed up with the HCL surf school in Lacanau to offer a new activity. The aim is to combine two worlds, surfing and wine, which together form the perfect combo of the Bordeaux region.
> Morning: surfing session at Lacanau (HCL School)
> 4.30pm: Visit of Saint-Émilion by L.O Wine
> 6.30pm - 8.30pm: Créawine® workshop at Château Vieux Mougnac

For those who missed this season, don't panic, you will have the opportunity to try this activity this summer! Stay tuned for more information!

The revolution of the end of the year: Créawine® digital

This year was also the occasion for L.O Wine to open up to the digital world with its emblematic Créawine® workshop, which has gone digital!
But what is it all about? As this period prevents us from going out, we have decided to take it as an ally and bring our workshops to you without you needing to travel .

It's a workshop to do at home, you receive a Créawine® tasting kit composed of 2 bottles of organic wine: a Merlot and a Cabernet-Sauvignon, 4 reusable pipettes and 4 bottles to personalise and fill with your blends. You will also find a user's guide that refers you to our online course, and that's something new!

Order on for yourself or for a loved one.
You have two options: send the parcel directly to a loved one, or receive it at home and hand it over to him or her afterwards. 


For professionals:

There is also a Créawine® digital version for professionals. It works in exactly the same way but the course is live via an online meeting. You receive your tasting kits and through your screens, you follow the tasting orchestrated by Laetitia Ouspointour.

  • Social networks

This period of confinement has allowed L.O Wine to create a real community on social networks, to exploit these networks to keep the link with you throughout this period. Our adventure began at the beginning of March, when the first containment was announced.

To keep you entertained, we launched the "Tips on confinement by L.O Wine ". Laetitia gives you tips on how to cope with this difficult period, as well as tips on wine and all the particularities that surround it. 

All our IGTV can be found on our account InstagramAll our IGTVs can be found on our Instagram account, and are also posted on our L.O Wine Facebook account and on our YouTube channel.

We launched the Instagram Lives with personalities from the world in which L.O Wine evolves, special guests to help you discover wine in a different way #drinkdifferent. We set up a weekly meeting with our community on our Instagram at 6pm, for interviews, each one more enriching than the last.

These Lives are still going on, you can find every Thursday on our Instagram Laetitia Ouspointour live.

On the agenda for the next few weeks:

- Thursday 14 January at 4.30pm

ITV with my buddy @trocard at @les3pinardiers. We'll be sharing info on the great bottles on their wine list and talking about the incredible concept they've come up with, as it's much more than a wine bar. 🍷#les3pinardiers#benoittrocard

- Thursday 21 January at 6.30 pm

Do you remember the Bordeaux wine brotherhood? So here we are, putting down our bags and talking about this beautiful institution with my great mistress #boutinet

- Thursday 28 January at 6.30pm

We're going to discover such a cocooning place in the Chartron district. We go to the cannery for an ITV of Catherine #laconserverie

- Tuesday 2 February at 6.30pm

ITV of Jenifer OSES Ecotoxicologist / Toxicologist, we are going to talk about the effects of sulphur and copper, a subject of great debate around wine

All this summary shows us that after all, we all stick together! We wanted to thank you for following us on our adventures and for always being there. Thanks also to all the people who participated in our interviews on Instagram from near and far.

We hope to have you with us again in this new year!

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