Creawine® : Virtual Wine Tasting box

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Creawine® : Virtual Wine Tasting box

L.O Wine gives you the opportunity to live a special moment at home !

What is it about ? A Creawine® virtual wine tasting, to do at home thanks to a tasting box sent directly to your home ! You can be alone, or with friends and family, a sharing moment.

To the tasting box, you train yourself in tasting techniques and you will know everything about the color of the wine, how to detect the aromas and describe the balance on the palate.

Develop your senses through the tasting of 2 organics wines, from sweet to fruity red, through a bright white and a gourmet red.
For this, a user manual is give to you: vineyard map and educational booklet. Like a conductor, try your hand at composing your own wine symphony using pipettes and test tubes.

Laetitia Ouspointour will guide you through your screen, all you have to do is settle in and discover our workshop!

Become an oenologist for a day !

As an experienced oenologist, take your own cuvée in the form of a personalized bottle. A unique work that you can share with your loved ones. Exceptionally, with your finest pen, leave your mark and put your handwritten signature on the label.

Order the virtual tasting box

Order on for you or your loved ones. But don’t worry, its format is designed to follow you everywhere in the world!

* Free shipment in EU included (except Switzerland)

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