HARVEST 2017… a very small harvest


In several winemaking regions of France, the harvest 2017 has started much earlier than usual. However, a low yield is announced… Between frost, hail and hydric deficiency vines have not been spared. Some people speak about the smallest harvest never seen since 1945! Wine production decreases of 18% in 2017 compare to the 2016 harvest.


At the end of April, heavy frosts have attacked the vines during a crucial period. In fact, its vegetative state was advanced this year and buds were already at the beginning of the flowering. Bordeaux region was one of the most reached regions by this terrible incident. It has been said that Bordeaux region has lost over one third of its buds.


Despite all the wine producers work and efforts, wine volumes will be very low. Wine will be of a huge quality however the 2017 vintage seems to be very rare.


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