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L.O Wine’s guest of Pulpe TV


Pulpe, what it is ? The new lifestyle media of Bordeaux Wine Trip, with the magazine you will want to come and spend your vacations in the Bordeaux vineyards!

Pulpe magazine was born thanks to a collaborative editorial staff made of emblematic structures of wine tourism and wine growing areas. Even more, there is also a program published on Youtube: “Pulpe TV“. Introduced by Marion, the tour guide, you will discover very nice addresses, good tips, and also unusual and atypical encounters…

About the participation of L.O Wine

Discovering Bordeaux wines” is the first episode shot on Pulpe TV. Laetitia Ouspointour was honored to be contacted for this first episode where she tells us about her career, her job as a winegrower and company manager. The founder of L.O Wine also gives courses at the Bordeaux Wine School, and shows us around these magnificent tasting rooms. Immerse yourself in the world of Bordeaux wines and learn even more…

To watch the video :

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