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Description of the workshop


Train yourself in tasting techniques and you will know everything about the color of the wine, how to detect the aromas and describe the balance on the palate. Finally a workshop that will help you choose your wine and appreciate it at its fair value. Develop your senses through the tasting of 4 eco-responsible wines, from sweet sweet to fruity red, through a bright white and a gourmet red.
For this, paper supports are given to you: vineyard map and educational booklet.

Example of wines served:

Dry white wine: Château Nardique la Gravière in Entre-Deux-Mers
Fruity red wine: Château Vieux Mougnac in Saint-Emilionnais / Bordeaux Supérieur organic
Gourmet red wine: Château Beau Rivage in Haut-Médoc organic
Sweet: Château Gravas en Barsac

These examples are given for information purposes but are not used systematically.

The three stages of looking, smelling, tasting will no longer hold any secrets for you.


Now that you have mastered all the tasting codes and the subtleties of the region, discover the blend, the real keystone of Bordeaux wine.
Like a conductor, try your hand at composing your own wine symphony using pipettes and test tubes. Become an oenologist for a day


Don’t leave empty handed!
As an experienced oenologist, take your cuvée in the form of a personalized bottle. A unique work that you can share with your loved ones.
Exceptionally, with your finest pen, leave your mark and put your handwritten signature on the label.
Also, the authors conceal their work with a wax seal and discover this ancestral art that is the manipulation of wax.
What could be better as a souvenir of this wine region than a bottle of Bordeaux wine with his effigy? But don’t worry, its format is designed to follow you everywhere in the world!

* Free shipment for EU (except Switzerland)

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