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“La Cité du Vin”: A huge symbol of Bordeaux


Amateur of the wine universe and its secrets? “La Cité du Vin” is for you!

It is an unmissable place to explore during your visit in Bordeaux. It is renowned as the biggest museum of the world consecrates to the wine culture.

“La Cité du Vin” explains perfectly the history and the actuality of the vineyards all over the world combining art, culture and tasting.

Enjoy the temporary circuit, which is a multi sensory experience, in order to discover the different wine cultures and civilizations. Feel free to walk and discover all the floors of the “Wine City” while listening to your “travelling companion” in order to understand the different stapes of the tour.

Beyond the tour, the “Wine City” offers also some other services. Enjoy the short-lived expositions, take a moment to go to the “Belvedere” on the 8th floor to admire the incredible view of Bordeaux or go to the famous restaurant named “Le 7” to share an unforgettable dinner.

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