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Darwin : An unusual work place


The Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux: A Haven of Innovation and Sustainability

Located on the right bank of the Garonne, the Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux is much more than just a real estate project or an ecological initiative. It’s a veritable urban laboratory combining innovation, sustainability and civic engagement. Since its inauguration in 2010, this atypical space has continued to grow and inspire.


A collaborative workplace

At the heart of Darwin lies a dynamic coworking space that welcomes hundreds of start-ups, associations and freelancers. This stimulating environment fosters innovation and cooperation between players from diverse sectors. Darwin residents benefit from modern infrastructure and flexible workspaces, while being immersed in a committed community.


A strong cultural, social and ecological hub

Darwin is also a rich cultural hub. Exhibitions, concerts, festivals and local farmers’ markets regularly enliven the site, attracting a diverse audience. The Magasin Général, an organic and local grocery store, and the Darwin Cantine restaurant, which offers ethical and responsible cuisine, are popular meeting places for the people of Bordeaux.
Eco-responsibility is at the heart of all Darwin’s initiatives. The buildings have been renovated using sustainable materials and the entire site is powered by renewable energies. Urban gardens and participatory vegetable gardens enable residents to grow their own food. Waste management is optimized through rigorous sorting and recycling practices.


Innovative projects and initiatives

Darwin’s emblematic projects include Darwin Bio, a market promoting short circuits and organic farming, and Ateliers de la Garonne, a space dedicated to local artisans and creators. In addition, the Zero Waste Initiative aims to reduce the site’s ecological footprint by minimizing the waste produced by daily activities.


A committed community

What truly sets Darwin apart is its community. Darwinians” share a common vision of sustainability and social innovation. They actively participate in the life of the site through workshops, conferences and collaborative events. This community spirit is reinforced by initiatives such as the Darwin Volunteer Program, which enables citizens to get involved in environmental and social projects.



The Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux is a model of sustainable, collaborative urban development. It demonstrates that it is possible to reconcile economic activity, respect for the environment and social commitment. By transforming a former military wasteland into a vibrant and inspiring place, Darwin continues to lead the way towards a greener, more inclusive future. Whether you want to work, learn, create or simply recharge your batteries, Darwin is a shining example of what a 21st century city can be.


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