An unusual work place

Since January 2017 I’m working in a co-working space named “Les Premières” in DARWIN. This is where I develop and improve with creativity and passion L.O. Wine society.


But what is DARWIN?


DARWIN is a very popular place well known for its authentic concept. It represents a real project of sustainable development in an old military barracks. In this ecosystem, you can find an organic restaurant and an organic grocery, a special place for sport’s lovers and several voluntary spaces. A lot of permanents cultural and festive events are also organized in DARWIN ecosystem. The street artists feel also at home thanks to many creative works, which cover the DARWIN walls like graffiti.


With more than 500 000 visitors every year, DARWIN ecosystem is often seen as a reference model, emblem of an economically innovative heritage and environmentally responsible. DARWIN is the first co-working space of France with more than 190 enterprises daily presents. What better way to make a success to work in such an environment!