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What wine to drink with fresh goat’s cheese?


What should we drink with the cheese ?


Wine and cheese

It’s no secret that cheese is a staple of French gastronomy. There is a wide range of cheeses, with different textures and origins. In this article, we focus on French gastronomy and goat’s cheese in particular. So what wine should you drink with fresh goat’s cheese?


White wine: cheese’s best ally

In fact, between 80 and 90% of cheeses prefer white wine to red wine. White wine is a sure-fire companion! It’s not tannin, but acidity, and cheese needs it to achieve a more balanced match. It accompanies the aromas and brings out the taste in the mouth.

Rich, creamy cheese pairs well with white Crémant de Bordeaux: its fresh character and delicate, tangy flavor balance and lighten the texture of the cheese.


Wine and fresh goat’s cheese

Fresh goat’s cheese pairs perfectly with a dry, non-wooded white wine, or a creamy, ripened cow’s milk cheese. The perfect match is a powerful, barrel-aged Bordeaux white wine. As for a mature goat’s cheese, a good non-wooded Bordeaux white wine will go perfectly with it, developing notes of candied citrus fruits, honey and wax.

Washed goat’s cheese is best balanced with an advanced dry wine, such as a Pessac-Léognan, or a lightly tannic red wine, such as a Bordeaux Supérieur.

To finish with the marbled pastry, for the lightest, with a wine like Graves de Vayres moelleux, Sainte-Foy very fresh, and for the most powerful, pair them with a Sauternes, Cérons, Loupiac.

Laetitia Ouspointour, oenologist and daughter of a winegrower, shares her wine and cheese tips on video!

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