Interview cave à vin

Meet a Meilleur Pâtissier finalist


From encounter to food and wine pairing


Wine and pastry meet

It’s the meeting of two women, Laetitia Ouspointour, founder of L.O Wine and Aurélie Kalt, creator of Andorfine Kitchen.
Their project is as follows: Food and wine pairing.


Laetitia Ouspointour is an entrepreneur, founder of L.O Wine, and comes from a family of winemakers based in Bordeaux, at Château Vieux Mougnac.

Specialized in and passionate about oenology, she will pass on all her knowledge of the world of oenology to you through this activity, and make this experience unique.

Aurélie Kalt was a semi-finalist in the Best Pastry Chef competition in 2013. For her, cooking rhymes with happiness. Today, she is a culinary coach and has created her “Andorfine Kitchen” method, a holistic approach that takes into account the principles of intuitive eating and combines meditation and personal development.


Discovering wine and gastronomy

Our aim is to introduce you to wine and gastronomy, while highlighting shared values. Share a moment of conviviality, while calling on everyone’s creativity.

To mark the launch, Laetitia and Aurélie conducted an interview in November to explain the project in greater detail.

Whether you’re a professional, an individual, or simply a group wishing to share common values around a moment of conviviality for events such as birthdays, these are the right people!


Thanks to this activity, they can offer you a tailor-made package, which can be personalized to your taste.

To see the video and find out more about the project:

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