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Our participation to the Wine Tourism Workshop



March sounded like a discovery this year. After February being sunny and still full of novelties, L.O. Wine came back for new adventures.

What was planned this month? : A lively Wine Tourism Workshop.

The Workshop Wine Tourism Exhibition and its partners


Because the oenology world keeps on growing every day and keeps attracting always new wine lovers, an exhibition has specially been organised to pay tribute to this viticultural and vinicultural art and to wine-related activities and workshops. But wine tourism isn’t just about the vineyard’s activity, it is all about how these wine activities are related to the tourism world and being discovered by the general public and rediscovered by the most sophisticated palates.

Wine tourism, concept understood. Everything organised around wine and tourism themes. But, then, why are we talking about “Workshop”?

It’s actually a characteristic of the exhibition. Its aim is to make professionals gather around a common purpose, presently wine, and more particularly wine tourism.

Thus, on last March 12th, a lot of wine tourism and viticulture well-known names gathered in the Hangar 14 of Bordeaux.
Laetitia giving an interview for the local TV channel, Bordeaux TV


The whole of France made the trip out to our beautiful city of the French wine capital, Bordeaux, for the occasion. Each region and, regarding Bordeaux’s wines, each designation was represented at this Wine Tourism Workshop Exhibition. From Champagne’s to Languedoc’s region, on the way of Alsace’s, and for Bordeaux’s region: Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Graves et Sauternes as well as Pomerol, all of them had their own site in the exhibition.

“From Champagne’s to Languedoc’s region, on the way of Alsace’s, and for Bordeaux’s region: Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Graves et Sauternes as well as Pomerol, all of them had their own site in the exhibition.”

These French wines were represented by Châteaux and vineyards as well as winetourism professionals, that-is-to-say companies working on activities around wine sector or around oenology workshops.

But wine professionals were not the only lucky people. Were also invited: medias, promotion offices, tour operators, touristic areas, incoming and travel agencies as well as organisations and/or companies working on wine tourism activities, such as boats or helicopters. These tourism professionals, associated with viticultural properties, embodied all the wealth of the exhibition, thanks to their knowledge of the tourism world and the oenological activities selling strategies.


The event, more than making wine and tourism professionals get in touch, was enliven by several conferences and discussions focusing on the commercial evolution of wine tourism projects. Amongst broached themes, we can raise, for instance, the influence of digital and written press, how to raise commercial relationships with national and international distributors or how to establish a commercial dialogue with wine tourism giants like La Cité du Vin.

This exhibition was aiming at helping viticultural properties turn into wine tourism professionals and assisting developing companies with their growth.

And, little bonus, the exhibition allowed them to discover the specificities of wines from new horizons, such as Sussex’s!

In a nutshell, it was a very pleasant Wine Tourism Workshop gathering, thanks to a common goal, wine tourism professionals from the whole of France. They met other professionals from wine tourism sector and discussed with them in order to discover new wines and to get as much advice for their wine tourism activity’s expansion as they could.


March is coming to an end. That means April will soon be there, as well as… Easter!!

This childish spirit and all those good chocolates… it’s not Christmas time but we’re getting close to it. For the occasion, L.O. Wine is getting ready to please the luckiest ones and preparing a gourmand surprise.

Wine and chocolate? Wine tasting under the Big Bells? Rabbit-shaped wine bottles?

Calling all the Sherlock Holmes and other inspectors, prognostics season is open! Let’s make some propositions!

Who’s going to break out the mystery?

Here is a little riddle to make some getting curious:

My first is what you get for Christmas.

My second is when you attest, when you guarantee something for someone.

My third is the contrary of “him”.

No more clues… but it promises to thrill the youngest just as the oldest.

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