Laetitia Ouspointour noir et blanc

The Bordeaux Concierge – The faces of Bordeaux


Laetitia Ouspointour has been invited by The Bordeaux Concierge, they are designing tailor-made vacations in Bordeaux, Cognac, and Paris. Private wine tours, vineyard picnics, chateau dinners, classic car tours, and more.

The Faces of Bordeaux features out some people described has “the people who make Bordeaux what it is today“. These encounters allow them to introduce tourists to “the real Bordeaux“.

Laetitia Ouspointour is co-owner of Château Vieux Mougnac with her mother and her brother. She talking about her organic vineyard, her heritage of which she’s very proud.

Her career is around the world of wine, with related studies and travels that have allowed her to open up to other ways of producing and selling wine.

She explains the creation of her company L.O Wine, whose objectives are :
-to promote her family’s wine,
-teach people how to taste wine in a different way with creative and authentic oenological workshops.

“I feel proud to work in the vineyard that I inherited from my ancestors and continue this heritage. I’m always grateful for what they have given me.”

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