The Wine School of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Wine School that is now a real institution was born 30 years ago.

Its main goal is to share the Wines of Bordeaux’s heritage and to make it known by a larger public.

The Wine School is located at the Quinconces in the CIVB building, right in Bordeaux’s golden triangle, so it benefits of an ideal and very accessible location for the public!

The classes are for two types of people:

First off, the professionals of the wine world or in relation with this universe to which the Wine School teach some knowledge and expertise of a remarquable quality on the Wines of Bordeaux and give them a new perspective on the oenological world.

Through those classes professionals can acquire real competences, taught by some very well selected teachers who will know how to share their precious and real knowledge.

Then, the private individuals can also benefit of special classes and become fine expert of Bordeaux’s Wines. They have the possibility to participate to some discovery workshops, some gourmet workshops, some exploration workshops or some ephemeral workshops.

Thanks to this incredible diversity of workshops offer the individuals can choose the one that fit them the best and spend a unique time. They will leave with plenty of knowledge about Bordeaux’s Wine but will also have discovered a new way of considering wine, tast it and work it.

The Bordeaux Wine School is here to promote the Bordeaux brand and everything that it represents.

In fact, if you attend a class you will surely begin by discover the history of the Wines of Bordeaux, their specificities and what make their fame.

You will be able to identify the different areas of the Bordeaux’s vineyard, the principal designations and the differences between the right and left banks.

You will then consider the heritage of the Bordeaux’s vineyard in another perspective and will understand its uniqueness.

The goal for the Wine School is to make the citizens (re)discover the local production to encourage them support it. In fact, many are those who wish to learn the terroir of Bordeaux and to consume it better.

For the foreigners, it’s more about teach them about the Bordeaux brand to associate it with the french « art de vivre » and the legendary expertise of the winemakers so that they will become consumers and promote this brand in their own country or region.

The Wine School is a true wine tourism center which know perfectly how to combine the theorical and practical learning process! If you have the chance to enter this school you will dive in the authentical world of Bordeaux’s Wines and discover its secrets.

You will meet passionate people who have some true authentique knowledge on the vineyard and will happily share with you some atypical stories!

For exemple you would be able to meet Laetitia who is part of the teachers and who will be pleased to talk with you! So, if you want to learn about the Bordeaux’s wines, discover a unique heritage or consider oenology with a new perspective the Wine School is open to everyone and will be pleased to welcome you and share its knowledge!