Les vins de bordeaux

#TUTOVINO with Vins de Bordeaux.


We had the pleasure to work with Vins de Bordeaux for #tutovino, some video of few minutes that were posted on their social networks.


The first video is about wine and cheese pairing.


Through this IGTV, Laetitia gives you some tips to find the perfect match between Bordeaux wines and your cheese board. The two cheeses she presents are Roquefort, a cheese that belongs to the family of blue-veined pressed pasta, and Comté, a pressed paste made from cow’s milk.

It is preferable to pair cheeses with wines that complement them gustatively: Comté will go very well with dry white Bordeaux, Pessac-Léognan or Graves, so-called airy and floral wines. Roquefort, has bitterness and acidity, and goes very well with sweet and mellow white wines such as Sauternes, Barsac and Sainte-Croix -du-Mont.

This video has reached 60k views on Facebook, we are very proud to have shared our knowledge with you.


The second video is about the steps of the wine tasting.


This video talks about the different steps of tasting. Laetitia guides you through this IGTV, with the help of a glass of wine, to taste your wine like a professional. Knowing how to look, smell and taste. A fun little course accessible to all.

The first step is to look at the wine, its colour, and understand its robe. The colour is different according to the age of the wine, with time the wine becomes a little more marbled. The second step: smell the wine. There are several families of smell: fruity, floral, woody and vegetal. The last step: tasting the wine. In the mouth we have four flavours: acid, sweet, salty and bitter.

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