Which wine to drink with chocolate?

The SOWINE / DYNATA 2021 barometer shows that wine remains the favorite alcoholic drink of French people for 62% of them and as we know you well, we also know how much you like chocolate with an average quantity of 8.1kg consumed by household per year, in France.

If there is a food and wine pairing that makes your taste buds curious, it’s wine with chocolate. Like wine, chocolate has a lot of aromas.

Especially fond of dark chocolate, it is with the latter that we will advise you on this digital wine tasting. 

So, what to drink dark chocolate with?

Let’s stay in France and rediscover our vineyards.

If you are a fan of white wine, then we will direct you to Alsace with its Riesling. This fresh white wine refreshes your palate while chocolate fills your mouth with all its texture and aromas.

If you prefer red, then we offer two tasting styles:

– a light red from Côtes de Bourg or Loire which completes all the aromas that chocolate can release;

– or a southern red like Syrah which will accompany your tasting in a more spicy way.

Whether you prefer freshness, lightness or spices, we have the perfect pairing between your wine and your chocolate for a successful wine tasting.