Which wine to drink with chocolate?


A Divine Marriage: Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Wine and chocolate pairing is much more than a simple association of flavors; it’s an exploration of the senses, a celebration of the diversity of gustatory pleasures. Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, let your curiosity and palate guide you, and immerse yourself in this divine sensory experience.



The science of wine and chocolate pairing

In the culinary world, the harmony of flavors is a perpetual quest, a sensory exploration that transcends the boundaries of palates and cultures. Among the most exhilarating alliances, that between wine and chocolate stands out as a symphony for the taste buds, where aromas blend in a spellbinding dance.

Wine and chocolate are two complementary elements when you know how to match them. To fully appreciate this pairing, a few tips may be useful. To make the marriage as perfect as possible, choose quality products! The difference between each chocolate lies in its cocoa content. So opt for a high-quality chocolate, with a cocoa percentage to suit your tastes.

Cocoa is the basic ingredient of chocolate.
– Dark chocolate: 43% cocoa minimum
– Milk chocolate: 30% cocoa minimum
– White chocolate: No cocoa powder, but 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk.

Like wine, chocolate has a wide range of flavors that need to be appreciated and preserved.



Which chocolate goes with which wine?

Richer chocolates often go best with robust red wines, while sweeter chocolates can be enhanced by fruity white wines.

If you prefer bitter chocolate, the trick here is to pair it with a sweet wine. The combination of the bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the wine is the perfect blend to delight your taste buds!

If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in sweet, fragrant chocolate, then the perfect wine to accompany this dish would be a good red wine, light on the palate, or a rosé, depending on your preferences and the season…

The tannins of a full-bodied red wine can contrast with the velvety smoothness of dark chocolate, creating a harmonious balance. Similarly, a dry, fruity white wine can complement the finesse of milk chocolate, revealing new dimensions of flavor. As for a sweet and/or sparkling white wine, it goes perfectly with the softness and texture of white chocolate.

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