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CréaWine®, the digital wine experience that brings together


Fiercely attached to our values ​​of conviviality and sharing around wine, how can we share them with you without being able to meet physically?

After several months of work, we designed the Créawine® digital kit. By yourself or with a group, become an oenologist during one day and create your own wine from home.

Shall we explain? You receive a blending kit at home with several grape varieties from our Bordeaux vineyards, the utensils of the perfect oenologist and a user guide. It’s your turn! By reserving a time slot on our website, we will accompany you step by step in the creation of your vintage.

We also offer this digital oenological experience to companies looking for corporate original and friendly ideas for corporate activities to offer to their customers, or who wish to unite their teams during a warm and creative moment.

Discover our digital wine-tasting initiation box online here and order directly on our website.

CréaWine®, our digital kit to learn wine-tasting and to make your own wine.
L.O Wine brings you together around a digital oenology workshop to learn the art of wine-tasting and even to create your own wine thanks to the CréaWine® kit!

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